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How to boot from CD/DVD - Dell BIOS

Insert Windows password recovery cd disk to computer and set your computer to boot from CD/DVD. This article shows you how to set your DELL computer boot from CD/DVD-ROM. There are also some differences in various BIOS model and DELL series, but the key steps are the same. If you cannot find the example match your computer, you can take one of the examples for reference. Here we take DELL-Demension 8100 BIOS SETUP for example, please do follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Press F2/DELETE(BIOS Entry KEY) as soon as you reboot your DELL computer/laptop until BIOS SETUP screen appears.

Boot from cd/dvd dell entry key

Step 2: BIOS setup screen appears, screenshot shown as below. Select Boot Sequence... option, Use ↑/↓key to highlight CD-ROM Device and press Space key to enable it. Press +/- key to move it to the 1 st boot order. Hit ESC to exit. After rebooting your computer, it will boot from your Windows password recovery disk and Windows Password Rescuer will start automatically.

Boot from cd/dvd dell main

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