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How to boot from CD/DVD - Award BIOS

Insert Windows password recovery cd disk to computer and set your computer to boot from CD/DVD. If your BIOS version is Award, please do follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Press DELETE(BIOS Entry KEY) immediately when you reboot your computer.

Boot from cd/dvd award entry key

Step 2: AwardBIOS setup screen appears. You can use ↑/↓key to select Advanced Bios Features item and press Enter.

Boot from cd/dvd award main menu

Step 3: Use down key to select First Boot Drive item, hit Enter and press down key to choose CDROM option for the First Boot Device item.

Boot from cd/dvd award setting

Step 4: Hit F10 to save your setting and exit. Choose YES and hit Enter when a massage pops up, then the computer will boot from your Windows password recovery disk.

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