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How to Recover Windows 8 Password

"I forgot my windows 8 password on my computer. Can anyone give me some tips to help me recover the lost password?"

When you forget your windows 8 login password, you can use Windows 8 password recovery tool to recover it. If you have ever enabled the hidden administrator account on your computer, there is a best way for you to recover the lost password.

First you need to prepare a password recovery disk burned from a Windows password Recovery program. Windows Password Recovery can be a good option, which can help you access your computer and let you remove the password. Not only for Windows 8, this program also works well on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003 and 2000.

Step 1. Burn a bootable Windows 8 password recovery disk

After installing the program on your computer, run it. And you'll get the interface as follow.

windows 8 password recovery

Then insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to your computer, and then select your target devices. Click 'Burn to CD/DVD' button or 'Burn to USB' button to start burning.

Step 2. Boot your computer with the Windows 8 recovery disk

To set the computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM, please refer to How to set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

To set the computer to boot from USB drive, please refer to How to set computer to boot from USB drive.

Step 3. Recover Windows 8 password

After booting the windows 8 password recovery disk correctly, you are able to recover Windows 8 Administrator Password and other acount password for Windows 8 system.

Select the user name of your target account, and then click "Reset".

recover windows 8 password

Now take out of the disk and restart the computer. Then you can access your computer without being asked for any password.

As You can see, all the process is very easy and quickly! you can free download the trial version of Windows Password to try to recover lost Windows 8 password.


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