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How to Recover Windows Password - Very Simple and Effective

How to recover my windows login password on my computer? Maybe now you need professional software to help you solve the trouble: how to recover windows password. If you have not a password reset disk and want to recover windows password? Now solving the password recovery from windows seems very simple and effective at super fast recovery speed with Windows Password Recovery software.

So simple steps make you easily master how to recover windows password with the powerful windows password recovery software. The bellowed tips will tell you how to step by step recover windows password.

Step-by-Step guide to recover Windows password

Step 1. Free download the powerful and simple-to-use Windows Password Recovery, install and launch.

Step 2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to your computer and then select target devices. Click 'Burn to CD/DVD' button or 'Burn to USB' button to start burn a password recovery disk.

remove windows password

Step 3. Set the locked computer from the bootable CD/DVD-ROM or USB flash drive.

Insert the Windows password reset disk to your locked computer and set the computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive.

To set the computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM, please refer to How to set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

To set the computer to boot from USB drive, please refer to How to set computer to boot from USB drive.

Step 4. Recover Windows password instantly.

After booting from CD/DVD or USB Drive, this software will start up and display a friendly window automatically.

how to remove windows password

Select Windows system and a user you want to remove its password, and then click 'Reset' button to recover the lost windows password.

Click 'Reboot' button to restart computer. Now you can log on your windows system without any password.

User-friendly interface and fast recovery speed make the whole Windows password recovery much easier and faster. This windows password recovery can recover lost or forgotten Windows password for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000. Why not have a try, you will find more information at: Windows Password


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