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How to recover SQL password?

If you now have a password protected of sql database files in hand and want to recover this sql files password, SQL Password Recovery can help you recover sql password within a few seconds.

The bellowed tips will tell you how to step by step recover sql password with the powerful SQL Password Recovery.

1. Free download the simple-to-use SQL Password Recovery, install and launch.

free download sql password recovery tool to recover sql password

2. Use "Open" button on the main window or "Open" in the "File" menu to select your master.mdf file first, and then all user will be listed automatically.

recover sql password

3. Select target user that you want to change the password. Use "Change Password" button to reset sql password which you highlight; Then type a new password and click the "OK" button. After a few seconds waiting, you will recover your SQL password.

how to recover sql password

User-friendly interface make the whole SQL Password Recovery much easier and faster. Why not have a try, you will find more information at: SQL Password Recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions - SQL Password Recovery

Q: Can I recover SQL Password on a computer which don’t have Miscrosoft SQL Server installed?
A: You just need copy the master.mdf to any other computer and reset sql password there, then copy it back to the original server.

Q: Is it possible to recover strong and long password?
A: Yes, no matter how strong and long your sql password was, this sql password recovery tool can help you recover sql password quickly.


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