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How to recover accdb password with Access Password Software?

If you now have a password protected of .Accdb files in hand and want to recover this .Accdb files password, Access Password Recovery can help you easily recover accdb password with high speed.

The bellowed tips will tell you how to step by step recover accdb password with the powerful access password recovery software.

Step 1. Download accdb password recovery software

Free Download the powerful and simple-to-use Access Password Recovery software, install and launch.

free download accdb password recovery software to recover accdb password

Step 2. Load accdb file

Click "Open" button on the toolbar or click "File > Open…" option from the main menu, then select the accdb file you want to recover in the dialog that opens to load it into the edit box.

recover accdb password

Step 3. Select attack type

Select an attack type from the Combo box.

This Access Password Recovery software offer 4 efficient recovery options: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack.

recover accdb password


  • Brute-force Attack. This Attack will try all possible characters combinations in the specified Range.
  • Mask Attack. This Attack is useful when you remeber a part of Password.
  • Dictionary Attack. This Attack verifies the words stored in the specified Dictionary File.
  • Smart Attack. This Attack is the automatic attack. It will try all possible characters combinations include all priteable characters.

Step 4. Recover accdb password

Click the "Start" button to recover your lost accdb file password. After a few seconds waiting, you will get back your lost accdb password and access your doxc document again.

recover accdb password

Tips 1: If you choose Mask Attack, you should offer some password symbols which you can remember. A Password Mask must be defined to use Mask Attack.

Tips 2: Access Password Recovery software provides advanced settings such as attack type, password range, password length, dictionary, auto save.

Tips 3: After recovering, the software will show the password, And you can copy recovered passwords to clipboard or file.

Tips 4: As powerful access password recovery tool, it also can recover mdb, mdw, mda, mde password .

More info you can visit: Access Password Recovery.

free download accdb password recovery tool to recover accdb password


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